“Occupy Wall Street” Becomes “Occupy World”

“Occupy Wall Street” Becomes “Occupy World”

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is spreading from Manhattan’s financial district to around the world.

What started as a small gathering weeks ago, that quickly spread around the nation, has now become an international affair.

Here at home people gathered in Palm Springs Saturday, voicing their concerns with the state of the country. About 300 protestors also came together in Riverside.

Demonstrations also took over streets, town halls, and just about any other place people could gather, in cities around the country.

Police say more than 70 people were arrested in New York City during demonstrations against corporate greed, including 45 in Times Square.

Thousands were already crowding the “crossroads of the world” on a busy Saturday night, when thousands of protesters flooded the sidewalks and plazas, creating a crowd control nightmare for police.

But the main focus Saturday centered on the now international attention the movement is receiving.

People in dozens of countries banned together, protesting against corporate greed, government cost-cutting and failed financial policies.

In Europe, where there was already anger over economic policies, and where there had already been violent reactions to austerity measures, the protest found armies of supporters.

In London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addressed a crowd in front of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Things turned into a riot in Rome, where some demonstrators began setting fires to vehicles and smashing windows.

Police responded with tear gas and water cannons.

Many demonstrators, and many Romans who are sympathetic to the “Occupy Rome” cause, say they are shocked by the violence.

What’s next for this outbreak of protests is anyone’s guess

By Adam Stocksdale, News Channel 3 Producer

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