The “Porn” Identity

The “Porn” Identity

This next story is dedicated to all you fathers out there across the globe. Assuming you didn’t grow up in a cave and return there every evening completely ignorant of the recent events, then you have definitely caught wind of this humdinger of a story. Ok Mr. Fishburne are you sitting down? Ok we are sad to inform you that your (clears throat) daughter is……. HAVING SEX ON T.V. FOR MONEY!!!!!! ¬†Ok, let me give you a chance to regain your composure sir. Now if any men out there have a daughter themselves, the very thought of your perverted buddies from work double clicking their mouse under their home office desk while they watch your “Little Princess” ride it like a pro, is enough to take a life(maybe your own). The part of this story that actually jumped up and bit me(Forest Gump Voice) was the fact that his friends did not shun him or turn their backs on him. Instead they put up 1million dollars in order to do damage control. These days its hard to get a ride to the store from some people let a lone 100 bucks to help on the rent. I think the true star of this story is not the unclothed vixen eating, licking, or sucking, but loyalty and true brotherhood. Ok, back to the hard reality of things…that 1million dollar deal I mentioned earlier was ineffective because they had already shipped the tapes out. All jokes aside, I bet Morpheus wishes he took that other pill now. Hell, I wish I took that other pill now. All I can say in the end is it takes a strong man to make it through this sort of ordeal and Im a little anxious to see how the multi talented man of skill will bounce back from this one…..of course after he rings his daughters neck. Here is a link below to the full story.

Laurence Fishburne’s friends tried to buy up daughter’s porn for $1 million

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  • shalonda
    Posted at 22:51h, 16 August Reply

    lol this is hilarious…im sure daddy is embarrassed!

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