To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

To Cheat Or Not To Cheat

The scenes opens with Joey Greco speaking in a low voice as he rubs the ailing woman on her back. In front the two, a video recording of her spouse and someone else involved in questionable activities. This is the moment when you realize that today’s episode will be full of fun! Now lets turn off the camera and lights, send the producers home for the night, and get back to reality. At this moment, there is a man or woman somewhere cheating on their counterpart and there is a man or woman whose heart will be broken by this act of infidelity. Is it a coincidence that the word “infidel” is the root of this word? Who knows, I didn’t notice until I actually typed it. Lets look at history to see how we humans REALLY feel about cheating. Right now as we speak, an ancient law is in affect to those who do not heed them. A 43 year old woman by the name of Sakineh Mohammadi (pictured above) has been sentenced to (get this) a public stoning for the act of cheating on her husband! Jumping Gee-friggin Wilikers Batman, a public stoning?!!!! I’m guessing whoever put this law into action was a man who valued his family and his ego enough to hit you in the head with rocks until you stopped breathing in front of a crowd. I know you are thinking this because I’ve heard many say this phrase….”everybody cheats”. I have to disagree with that statement. I can hear your thoughts saying..hey this guy is TREMENDOUSLY attractive with enough charm to make Kim Jung Il giggle like a school boy. And you are completely right but I have never (and yes never by the webster dictionary standard) cheated on my girlfriends. I mean I’m sure in a former life I was a womanizing bastard with a string-o-ladies as long as the EBT line in the morning times but in this lifetime I’m a sappy romantic who does not trust women. Why don’t I you ask? Well statistics show that women cheat more and get caught less…..and almost never tell the truth about it. Let that sink in fellows…..while you’re out prowling she is in planning. I personally do not see the need to be with a woman that I have to lie to about what I did earlier today. To me thats a sign that her time may be over. Besides, after I wake up and make you happy, text you until lunch then call you and make you happy again…..and then come home and yet make you happy again, I’m mentally exhausted. I don’t have the time nor the energy to make an entirely different woman happy, geez. Im too busy thinking about how I can pay my bills and still have money for beer and poker night. Now I hear these are some tips that work as tell tale signs…. Guys if your woman brings home extra large condoms and calls you Dirk during sex, chances are she is cheating. Ladies If your man comes home smelling like Chanel he could have very possibly been kidnapped and tied up by ruthless men, then forced into a closet with a very attractive woman who smelled great, or he is probably boinking the mail lady. Guys if you have open sexual communication with your woman and she asks you out of the blue to pick her up, throw her over your shoulder and do her in the hot water heater room…chances are She has already done it with the muscle bound, hairy armed maintenance man by the name of Bruno and decided to let you in on the fun. Ladies if your man comes home late everyday from work smelling like cigarettes and YuengLing, he probably stops by the bar on the way home because he knows how much of a pain in the ass you are and just wants to clear his mind before stepping foot into a word war zone. That means lighten up and let that man breathe! This could possibly lead to cheating if he cannot “do him” around you. I would rather make up a childish excuse to break up than to cheat on you. Hey say what you want but I’m not the one tip toeing around my girlfriend. I’m the guy at the bar flirting with ALL the girls in close proximity. I could even be the guy on the phone with your girlfriend (jody style) while she tells me about your short stroke and temper (apparently the two don’t mix). The point I’m making is that this act has become normal in these days and even seems to have a lesser effect than it used to. Most people I talk to on the issue seem to be a little numb to it while I would blow several fuses and probably would’t recover as quickly as most men. To me trust arrives with a one-way ticket and has to leave in the same manner. Also you have to factor in the crime of passion piece. How many countless men or women who fully trusted their faithful spouses come home early only to find them at home in bed with Franny or Frank?(bang, bang, stab) Google it I’m sure the number is higher than you expected. I will leave you with these ancient words of fidelity wisdom… “Keep your finger out my koolaid!”. This has been another special news story. I talk a lot but we want to know your opinion as well so leave a comment or a response below.

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