News Of The Weird!

News Of The Weird!


Montana teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot

General rule of thumb: when looking to buy marijuana, don’t text the sheriff. 

Homeless man calls 911 from hot tub, seeks cocoa

A homeless man who called 911 from the hot tub of a suburban Portland home and asked for towels, hot chocolate and a hug got arrested for trespassing instead.

Hiker accidentally shoots himself in the rear

A hiker on Washington’s Blewett Pass shot himself in the butt when he put a handgun in his back pocket.

Couple wondering where car’s been

A couple who left their car parked in a long-term lot near Kennedy Airport during a trip to California were trying to figure out what their car has been doing without them. Mimi and Ulrich Gunthart said their car odometer reading jumped by 724 miles while they were out of town. 

 Meth defendant goes to court with meth

A Washington state man who went to court to face a methamphetamine charge is in more trouble after authorities say he showed up with a bag of meth in his pants. 

Police: Shark sighting a practical joke

A practical joker in Massachusetts has taken advantage of recent shark sightings and caused a scare with a fake fin. 

Pa. woman blames gin-soaked raisins for violation

A Pennsylvania woman says she wasn’t raising a glass, just raisins. Fifty-nine-year-old Judy Russo is accused of violating her probation by drinking and blames gin-soaked raisins she used to treat her arthritis. 

Man shot in head, notices it 5 years later

Police say a man living in Germany was shot in the back of his head but it took him five years to realize it.

Crocodile tips Australian PM to win elections

A crocodile that picked the winner of the soccer World Cup has predicted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be re-elected. 

Police: DWI suspect drives 11 miles without tire

Authorities said a western New York man whose license expired 33 years ago has been charged with driving while intoxicated after police said he drove a van 11 miles without one of its tires. 

Fan turns Paul McCartney autograph into tattoo

Call it a signature in very permanent ink. A Pennsylvania woman took a sign to Paul McCartney’s show Sunday in Philadelphia requesting he autograph her back with a marker. McCartney called Rose Ann Belluso up on stage and obliged, and she decided to make the moment last forever.

wow thats all I have to say and I thought you see some crazy things in the hood. Well I hope you enjoy your day and remember REBEL HARD!!!!

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