STOP! Or I’ll Start SHOOTING!!!

STOP! Or I’ll Start SHOOTING!!!

Good day to all enjoying life in the living land of MIKETWICE.COM. Today’s story is slightly ridiculous. It involves a stolen breakfast sandwich and gunshots. Apparently Officer Jackass felt his life was put in danger when a man was “PUT HIS LIFE IN DANGER!!!???”…..this is almost as retarded as the “Acid Hoax” girl who claimed some random black chick did it but she realyl self inflicted her injury. ….regardless at the end of the day this is ALL so retarded. I almost want to post both videos but the first is enough. Next time you go to McDonald’s, just think, this bacon egg and cheese mcmuffin could get your head blown…..smooth off!! check this out…..

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listen to this jerk talk while being interviewed about it.

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