5000 Bottles of….Birds…On The Floor?

5000 Bottles of….Birds…On The Floor?

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Good day to all those in the living land of Twice. Now todays story is for the conspiracy theorist, end time theorist, and just for the plain ole curious folk. Lately there have been birds literally falling from the sky. Now to make it more interesting, there were 5000 in Arkansas, and 500 in Louisiana. And if that don’t “Scare you out of hell” then the fact that a week before about 100k fish washed up in Arkansas dead. Hmmmmm, time to start praying or time to find a better watering hole? Ill let you decide for yourselves….. The above song I have provided is “Dream” from My Mixtape Latebloomer Hosted By Dj MLK….i think its appropriate for this story….enjoy

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