Aunje Sakkara “La Belleza”

Aunje Sakkara “La Belleza”

The time is 11:45 am on a Tuesday morning. I abruptly waken to Sade singing about her war ridden love life from my Pandora radio. I was sure it was Tuesday because I had spent the whole night before at Studio Space Atlanta for a booking. It was Tuesday, or was it!? A sharp pain shot through my back as I jolted my body toward my galactic communicator (aka my blackberry). A sigh of relief; yes it was Tuesday and I hadn’t missed my appointment. BUT….it was 11:45 am and my appointment was in a hour and a half! I mustered my will and struck towards the shower. As I got dressed I started to wonder how it would go. I started to imagine all types of embarrassing scenarios to ease myself and assure myself that the worst of the day is over. Besides, I’ve been on a million adventures, but I have never interviewed anyone about anything either. Well I was about to get a crash course. As I pulled into the Red Lobster parking lot I thought several things: I wondered if she beat me here, if any of the zany scenarios I imagined would actually manifest, and what the hell I was going to eat because I’m allergic to shellfish! I walk in and tell the hostess “two” as I looked inside to see if I could see her. I glanced at my galactic communicator and I was 3 minutes early! She sat me and walked away to grab menus and a water with lemon. Still slightly nervous, I looked up at the door to see a light caramel-skinned ray of beauty waltz through the door with grace and poise. Me being a fan of such sights, I dared to gawk. She was wearing dark blue skinny legs, a wife beater, and blazer accented by red high heels…..ouch! By the time my eyes made it back up to the woman’s face I was inwardly embarrassed because before stood Aunje Sakkara. I quickly stood up and greeted her with a hug as she jokingly quipped “Don’t give me no church hug!”. By all means this isn’t my first, second, third, fourth, or fifth time meeting her, but I was harboring a slight crush. We talked for a little while about how beautiful the day was before the waitress sauntered back over. She ordered crab as I stared at the menu in disbelief that I was once again forced to order “chicken strips”. We chatted a little more as I was nervous to start the actual interview but I told myself “now or never”. I went right in…….

Mike Twice: So lets get started. How are you first of all?
Aunje: Im feeling great, thanks for asking!
Mike Twice: Well thank you for giving me the opportunity of conducting this interview. I’ll start right up. What made you want to get into the buisness?
Aunje:I grew up in the business, my mother has been a manager, road manager etc my whole life so I kinda just grew into it! Rather if it was behind or in the scene I was going to be in it some way!
Mike Twice: Yea, you have a really cool mother
Aunje: Thanks!
Mike Twice: “No Prob”. Is the industry any different from what you imagined once you started?
Aunje: Again I’ve always known of the good and bad so let’s just say I was prepared for what I knew I had coming… (she laughs).
Mike Twice: Who are some of the people in the industry who inspire you?
Aunje: Over all I like to inspire myself! I like to see other’s mistakes and learn from them…. The most person that inspires me is not in the business,its my daughter.
Mike Twice: How does being a single mother affect your work ethic?
Aunje: Being a single mother DOES NOT affect my work ethic it actually makes me work harder!
Mike Twice: Name some of the people you have worked with.
Aunje: I’ve worked wit angie stone, ludacris, ace hood, joc, killa mike, lil wayne, juelz santana, lil chuckee, playaz circle etc
Mike Twice: Is there anyone you are dying to work with and why?
Aunje: I’ve only done one r&b video so I would love to work with Chris Brown and Jeremiah.
Mike Twice: What was your favorite video growing up?
Aunje: Aaliyah “Rock The Boat”, TLC “Waterfalls” and Missy Elliot ” Can’t Stand The Rain”.
Mike Twice: We have all heard of producers and directors using the infamous “casting couch” as a process to choose girls, have you ever witness this?
Aunje: (Loud laugh) Yes!
Mike Twice: What happened?
Aunje: I’ve witnesses it and females want to be in “the know” so bad they will do anything for the attention. I was tried with that and told that if I didn’t sleep with him I would never get any work. (She laughs loudly again as people look over to see what the joke was) I’ve done maybe 9 videos since he said that so when I see him I kill him with kindness! But hey, I can’t blame him for trying because these girls give us real women a bad name.
Mike Twice: I don’t blame him either (I laughed as I wondered if I had gone too far but she laughed too followed by a playful “shut up”). What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a set?
Aunje: Nothing bad has ever happened on set, just being freezing was the worst!
Mike Twice: Ok, lets get a little juicy!
Aunje: Yes! Lets!
Mike Twice: Ok cool, Is it hard like a girl for you to date in this industry?
Aunje: Hmmm I don’t know about hard BUT my ex didn’t like me doing it at all!
Mike Twice: If a man wanted to get your attention what would he have to do?
Aunje: Swagg, and when I say swagg I mean you being you and owning it, not being someone your not, good conversation, and if u can keep me laughing; yea that will catch my eye.
Mike Twice: Note to self…. keep her laughing…
Aunje: (Laugh) You are silly!
Mike Twice: That I am, so what would be your idea of a perfect first date?
Aunje: Hmm a perfect 1st date! (she laughs) good food , (I’m a fatty) and if there is a good connection I’m very simple, the little things matter.
Mike Twice: What’s the corniest thing a guy ever said to get your number, and did it work?
Aunje: I hear so many things I can’t think of one off da top of my head but I hate when a guy comes up talking about all he can do for me and blah blah blah.
Mike Twice: Do you think your occupation would make it hard to keep a man?
Aunje: If my man is in entertainment some kind of way I believe he would understand the crazy hours! But if he is not in it then we just have to depend on trust.
Mike Twice: I agree. Trust is incredibly important. Ok, if you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why?
Aunje:I’d go to Japan, something about the culture just seems bright, relaxing, and interesting.
Mike Twice: As beautiful as you are have you ever had someone try to steal your identity?
Aunje: Ha funny you asked. I just recently found a girl who has a facebook, and twitter using my pictures on twitter. She is really making me look bad but on facebook she is just hyping me up. She keeps telling people that she just got signed to cover girl and blah blah! Ha its really kinda’ scary . I have no clue who it could be. A few people think it might be a guy but I don’t have too many female friends that could be mad at me to mess up my name like that. Her name is Nivaya Summer if yall see her on any social site SHE’S A FAKE!
Mike Twice: Great I’ll be sure to send her a request! (laugh)
Aunje: You are crazy!!!
Mike Twice: Thank you! So Aunje Sakkara, do you have any hidden talents?
Aunje: I try and use all my talents so if you don’t see ’em lol they’re hidden to both of us!!
Mike Twice: That’s hilarious! So what do you see yourself doing after you are done with this career.
Aunje: By the end of the year I would love to have my non profit going “Kimara’s promise”.
Mike Twice: That’s dope!
Aunje: Thanks!
Mike Twice: In one sentence, describe yourself.
Aunje: I’m fun, loving, laid back, sensitive, and a family person.
Mike Twice: Ok and lastly, what advice would you give your daughter if she wanted to get into this business?
Aunje: I would advise her to work hard and know that she is not just a pretty face that she has a brain as well and with both she will go far to be serious about it and never to give in on what these men tell her because they will try her and to not worry about hating females because they will be there, to always stay positive and kill people with kindness, so much more but I would have to deal with it as it comes.
Mike Twice: Well Aunje It has been my tremendous pleasure and thank you for your time!
Aunje: Thank you for having me!

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