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L.I.F.E. and Mike Twice

First and foremost i will apologize for such a long break ive taken from writing. I am an artist and im sure you can imagine the implications. The title of this article is LIFE as an acronym. This acronym is … Continue reading

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Official Panda Remix (Atlanta)

Official Panda Remix (Atlanta)

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Mike Twice – So Dope Boy (Official Music Video)

First single from Mike Twice and his new Mixtape The Interview.

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Mike Twice Space Clouds

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The Diary of Mike Twice

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“Occupy Wall Street” Becomes “Occupy World”

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is spreading from Manhattan’s financial district to around the world. What started as a small gathering weeks ago, that quickly spread around the nation, has now become an international affair. Here at home people gathered … Continue reading

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Introducing Elenin

Since the discovery of comet Elenin in December 2010, the faint,icy object has sparked a frenzy of speculation about its approach to the inner solar system over the next few months. That speculation has prompted many to send questions to … Continue reading

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Big Sean And T. I. Chain Gang

T.I. and Big Sean face jail time. Continue reading

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Late Bloomer by Mike Twice – hosted by DJ MLK (Hoodrich)

Late Bloomer Mike Twice

Late Bloomer Mixtape by Mike Twice/Rebel Music Group.
Hosted by DJ MLK/HoodRich ENT/Grand Hustle.


1. Intro
2. Set Me Free
3. Twice Going In
4. Bad Guy
5. Talk It
6. DreadTalk
7. U Know
8. Dream
9. Dreadtalk Interlude
10. Gruesome
11. Kumate
12. Bloodsport
13. Hookless
14. Twice
15. The Root
16. Forever
17. Alright
18. Outro

Direct Rythmshare.com Link: http://rhythmshare.com/35ztxk

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Mike Twice Exclusive part 2

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