The streets of East Atlanta have birthed a new sound, invigorated what we know as unique, and have introduced a force so revolutionary that it brings a new meaning to rebellion from the typical expectation of the industry. Mike Twice also known as REBEL, constantly proves his ability to break down musical dividers.

His character has infused ingenuity and ambition to create poetry that revitalizes the ear drums. Mike Twice emerged from the brutal arena of the freestyle circle and immediately recognized his skills were matched by none. He possesses a powerful arrogance which allows him to fear no musical challenge.

“Twice” proves his innate musical capabilities by composing and producing his own tracks. He brings more to the meaning of futuristic, for he is in fact the creator of it.

“Everybody acts like they are outer space, but we have been that way since ’96…..”- Mike Twice. As other artists play catch up with the latest desires for unique sound, Mike Twice remains steadfast and original. With the hope and imagination of old school Atlanta hip hop instilled in him, he produces dynamic flavor and style.

Mike Twice is currently a partner in REBEL Music Group. For booking information please contact 770-361-6349.

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