Dream a Dream with Mike Twice

Dream a Dream with Mike Twice

I know what you are thinking. Is he dead? Maybe he fell victim to the world or his environment. No, I’ve been chasing my dreams with a vengeance. But what is a dream? Most don’t come true right? Well why don’t they come true? I could give you a speech about the secret or law of attraction, but it would be a distraction. Most dreams don’t come true because of two things: The dreamer doesn’t believe it could happen or does not put in enough work. Naturally we shoot for the stars but most never pull the trigger. Don’t leave your mental racers to stay at the line because of the fear of pulling that trigger. You would be surprised how fast they go! With that said, I’m sure you’ve got some old dreams laying on the floor of your closet. Pull em out and try them back on. See how they fit. See if you have outgrown them or if you have room to grow. Once they fit don’t hesitate to show everyone the Emperor’s new clothes…… You know who it is and what it is…..Peace to the Gods and Earths…..

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    Posted at 11:40h, 19 January Reply

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