The Razor’s Edge or The Neighbor’s Head?

The Razor’s Edge or The Neighbor’s Head?

Anyone out there? Please, I just need some help and understanding………So you lost your job or your wife cheated on you, or just maybe your very own miniscule version of the world collapses on top of you. Is that enough to end it all with your mind’s treasure scattered across your beige and brown wall paper? Or maybe you prefer an overdose of some kind. There are many ways that are proven full proof to take your own life. But before we get into that, let’s get into this “suicide” mind frame to maybe shed more light and even possibly inspire someone to steer clear of this activity. My dad always told me that if I get to the bottom of mty rope, tie a. Knot and hang on so I’ve ┬ánever fully understood the whole suicide “attempt” thing. Soooo when you feel like you have failed at life and then ATTEMPT to kill yourself you have once again failed at something. Maybe you should try different activities. Some people come right off and shoot themselves in the head, but I’ve always thought, what if you shoot yourself in the head and live… you have to be the mentally retarded suicide spokesperson who uses a sippy straw to steer his wheel chair. Its just not a good look. Besides I think its a selfish and dull witted thing to do. If I were ready to end it all, I could think of many alternatives. For instance why don’t you go to the neighbor’s house and really let him have it for the dog doody in your yard. Why not just tell your boss how much of an idiot he looks like with that hair piece. Too boring for you? Step it up a notch, anything to get your blood pumping and to get you feeling more alive again. On a serious note, what if you killed yourself the day before the clouds started to rain chocolate drops and icecream in little bowls with little parachhutes attached. Unlikey but who knows what will happen. You could even have a break through on your situation. My motto is stick around you never know. Stop cutting yourselves for attention because when you snap out of it you still have to deal with messy scars. Love yourselves more and while you are at it take this dollar to that funny looking store on the corner and buy a sense of humor. It is needed to survive this planet’s experience….if you have an opinion would love to know so leave a comment below.

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  • david
    Posted at 10:15h, 24 August Reply

    Thats some real stuff. No matter what you go thru…you gotta keep pushing on. Its all about the journey….Love the site

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