Chris Brown presents “Breezy Art”

Chris Brown presents “Breezy Art”

When the music fades to black and words just can’t express the way you feel, Chris Brown has a creative alternative which allows him to share his unspoken thoughts while satisfying his fetish for Art. The 21 year old singer and songwriter has been on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows this year, dealing with domestic issues to having one of the hottest singles in the nation. The growing pains and pressures that accompany the fame and success of the entertainment industry can be strenuous, however Chris Brown explains how “Breezy Art” has been a creative outlet for him, weather its sweeping ladies of their feet or stroking brushes cross canvases Chris “Breezy” Brown definitely has an eye for art. In this interview Chris touches on the connection between his art and his music, his favorite tattoos, and his love for graffiti art.

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    Posted at 20:19h, 03 February Reply

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    The D.A. declares they have now examined the D.C. case — interviewing witnesses and investigating proof — and they state there is probably lead to to assume Chris is guilty as charged.

    The judge, however, determined Chris was much better off completing his 90-day rehabilitation for anger control than staying thrown away in the county jail, so he shut down prosecutors.

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