Homeless Man Talks His Way into a Fortune

Homeless Man Talks His Way into a Fortune

How many times do you exit the highway trying to avoid eye contact of panhandlers looking for change? Panhandling on the side of Interstate 71 in Columbus, Ohio, in the dead of winter, Ted Williams held a sign promoting his “God Given Gift” of a Golden Voice and received nothing less than a life changing opportunity. A reporter from the Columbus Dispatch read the sign and recorded Ted speaking for only 1 min and 37 seconds giving new life to Obama’s campaign CHANGE… YES WE CAN!!… 2 days and 4 million views later, its safe to say Ted gets numbers and numbers get you paid.
Ted was offered a job at a local radio station in Ohio a couple of days later, and according to ESPN the Cleveland Cavilers offered Ted a FULLTIME JOB and a HOUSE!!!! Cleveland does have a heart post Lebron after all.

Now how is that for CHANGE!!!!


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  • shameca
    Posted at 01:29h, 08 February Reply

    What's even more than that, he was on drugs. Just giving a chance made him want to stop doing that. He hadn't talked to his mom in years and it brought them back together… God is the MAN!

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