Earth In A Beaker

Earth In A Beaker

I met this cool engineer in my search to find a recording home close by to the home base and met Tokyo Disco Kid(Who is also a dope artist). I have had the pleasure to have recorded with him several times and in conversation he mentioned his blog. So I checked it out and I would like to share this with you. It is entitled : Why I Like People That Suck More Than People That Don’t

Humans. The never ending quandary that is sexual confusion, personality defects and delusions of grandeur all rolled into a self conscious shell of a dying belief they’re special. Forever hovering around the stronger willed, the friendlier eyes that lie in wait, the more convincing grin that hides the row of fangs dripping with pride. These “Legends” These “Leaders” These “Greats” Why don’t people commemorate the “other” guy? I relish in the fact that 99.9% of people breathing are the other guy. Now…I’m not the other guy, but then that goes back into the delusions of grandeur thing I so eloquently quipped in the beginning : ) When I see a person with a persistent suck at something, like…golf ball through a hose suckage, I ponder the notion that they know how bad they truly suck and with that final conclusion have chosen to defy the natural selection laws that “we” gave the universe. Well I’ve recorded a lot of “artists” and from my experience the suckiest “artists” are 1. Usually the most motivated 2. Actually have a job to pay for whatever they wanna suck at in their spare time and 3. Really don’t give a shit that they suck at whatever they’re doing. I define that as an unshakable confidence in their conscience choice to suck. That kind of belief in self hasn’t been witnessed since women finally grew some testicles and fought for their right to be second class citizens : ( Those great men who penned our delusional constitution and based it on their belief that all “men” be “equal”. Those same men who were the “leaders” the “greats”, with the “equal” being that of their weakest link. The link that all “great” men have sucky people around that assist them in beaming at whatever they pursue. Yet another reason I wouldn’t want to go a day without people that suck breathing the same air as my naturally talented nostrils ( spoken in a gentlemanly English accent) What’s really so good about the naturally talented people anyway? I’ll respect somebody that sucks at something for 20 years more than the prodigy that goes undefeated for 5. Sucky people have longevity that can’t be stripped away like so many other fragile human traits. Usually if a person really sucks at something for a long time, they will continue to suck till their dying breath. Consistency is one of the most important features in a person’s real life “About Me” column. So next time you root for that 15-0 sports team or vote for the more charismatic proven figurehead or even choose Cheesecake Factory over McDonald’s just know, that without the persistent suckyness of most people, we wouldn’t be able to notice the assholes that don’t.

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