Money Beds JackTheTrapper

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Mike Twice x Pujo Williams JackTheTrapper

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Mike Twice x Pujo Williams are Jack The Trapper

Mike Twice x Pujo Williams are Jack The Trapper. Search your favorite music outlet RIGHT NOW! Streaming on all platforms!

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Namaste Song by Mike Twice (The Real Mike Twice)

New Song Namaste by The Real Mike Twice! Don’t be fooled by the false representations! Peace and Light to all!!

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Mike Twice and Slim B Gresham Road


Atlanta Hit Makers feat So Dope Boy from Mike Twice (The Real Twice)


L.I.F.E. and Mike Twice

First and foremost i will apologize for such a long break ive taken from writing. I am an artist and im sure you can imagine the implications. The title of this article is LIFE as an acronym. This acronym is tatooed on my left arm. I got it the same time as someone I used to be close to covered their cut wrist with a tattoo. Mine actually says choose life as a reminder. But the the acronym stands for Learning Is From Experience. So i pose a question for thought. What is life to you? Is it a pretty girl and a fast car? Is it lots of money and a mansion? Perhaps it is a warm dry place to sleep. To some it may even be the next hit of meth or crack. When you dig deep and find what life is to you, you will begin to understand what fuels your main actions. I wont keep you long but i will leave you with this. Live strong, make mistakes, but learn from them. No matter the cost. The real Mike Twice, signing off.

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Official Panda Remix (Atlanta)

Official Panda Remix (Atlanta)

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Mike Twice – So Dope Boy (Official Music Video)

First single from Mike Twice and his new Mixtape The Interview.

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Easter Island discovery

So weve all seen the wonders of the world with most unexplained. There is a new discovery with the heads on Easter Island that leaves more questions than originally. Just watch…