Mike Twice Mixtape Release Party

Its that time again. Mike Twice is dropping The Interview hosted by Atlanta’s own DJ Raetone. The latest installment in his long line of classics to come. Mike Twice and LEM will be celebrating this event on Sunday June 28th. Follow the link below for more details.



Coming soon….as in one week from today. Seriously. Mike Twice.


Mike Twice Lion Eye Management


With my business partners plotting on world domination…..more to come.


The Interview


The next looong awaited project by the real Mike Twice titled “The Interview” hosted by popular Atlanta based Dj Raetone (one half of the Codefendants) will be available June 28th. With long awaited lyrical quenching in store, Mike Twice delivers his own brand of unpredictable hip hop while surprising even the most snobish hip hop fans. Also Mike Twice opens up a little about his life via the actual interview that is conducted in between songs. This mixtape will be available through all available mediums.

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Michael Slager….

So there has been a new trend sweeping the nation…..officers killing black unarmed men…

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Legal Refer

Welcome…yes it has finally happened for some of us… I got this story from CBS and I’m sure they will send me a letter telling me to remove it but …f’dat…thug life….enjoy

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia Senate has overwhelmingly passed a sweeping medical marijuana bill that now goes back to the House for tweaking.

Republican Rep. Allen Peake of Macon wrote the House bill that led to a substitute from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. Peake said Monday that he’s confident the House will approve the latest measure.

The substitute, which passed 48-6, could be voted on in the House as soon as Wednesday. Peake says he’s confident it could be signed by Gov. Nathan Deal by week’s end.

The Senate committee deleted Fibromyalgia from Peake’s original bill, but left in eight medical conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana.

Those conditions are seizures, cancer, sickle cell anemia, Crohn’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, mitochondrial disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Super Moon and Mike Twice

Greetings to all you 5th dimensional creatures out there!. If u are feeling strange its because of something very rare happening in the sky….heres a story from the national geographic fellers….

Friday, March 20, will see an astronomical triple play when a rare total solar eclipse occurs on the same day as the vernal equinox, and a supermoon makes an appearance.

A total eclipse occurs when the moon comes between Earth and the sun, casting a lunar shadow onto the Earth’s surface along a narrow, 62-mile-wide (100-kilometer) path. Because this “black hole” effect lasts for only a couple of minutes, totality ends up being a truly rare event for any single spot on Earth—occurring about once every three centuries for each geographical location.

Friday’s eclipse will race across remote regions of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, so only a relatively few lucky souls will be able to see it. But people in large parts of Europe and in northern areas of Africa and Asia will get to enjoy at least a partial solar disappearing act.

Adding to the uniqueness of the total eclipse, it falls on the vernal equinox, which officially occurs at 22:45 GMT (6:45 p.m. EDT) and marks the beginning of spring. While the occurrence of an eclipse on the equinox is considered a cyclical event and is not that rare, this celestial combination won’t occur again until 2034.
for the rest follow the below link


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Mike Twice Checkin In

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Mike Twice and Dj Raetone

The wait is over! Mike Twice is finally about to drop a long awaited mixtape “The Interview” featuring DJ Raetone. Coming VERY SOON!

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Mike Twice Space Clouds

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Denzel P and Mike Twice

Come out and support!!! #rebelhard

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